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Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations at a Dead End
April 9 - "The notion that things are getting better just because Israel and Palestine are talking," says Phyllis Bennis, "simply isn't the case." By Phyllis Bennis

Do the Afghan Presidential Elections Signify Progress?
April 9 - Phyllis Bennis discusses Afghanistan's presidential election and how it is being shaped by corruption and the U.S.' military presence on The Real News. By Phyllis Bennis

Talking Points: Tensions Rising, Wars Escalating, Occupations Expanding
April 4 - Phyllis Bennis discusses the possibility of a renewed Cold War, longstanding tragedies in the Middle East, and the decline of Israeli influence. By Phyllis Bennis

The Budget Wars: The Congressional Progressive Caucus is Ready for Paul Ryan
March 12 - The Congressional Progressive Caucus' new budget goes after areas of wasteful spending that other legislators won't touch. By Miriam Pemberton

AIPAC is Losing Influence Over U.S. Foreign Policy
March 7 - The failure of the pro-Israel lobby to force Congress to vote for intervention into Syria or for additional sanctions on Iran represents a significant decline in its influence. By Phyllis Bennis


Talking Points
Fixing and Expanding the Estate Tax: Intervening to Reduce Wealth Inequality
April 15 - Fixing the estate tax could be the single most important intervention in reducing wealth dynasties in the U.S. By Chuck Collins

White House Says Raising Tipped Wage Helps Women
March 27 - President Obama supports raising the tipped minimum wage and emphasizes that this move would help women, who make up the majority of tipped workers. By Betsy Wood

Wall Street Bonuses and the Minimum Wage
March 12 - The New York financial industry's bonus pool exceeded the annual earnings of the more than 1 million Americans who work full-time at the federal minimum wage. By Sarah Anderson, published in The New York Times and Marketwatch and Reuters and All In with Chris Hayes

Hugo Chavez Frias: In Memory, Solidarity, Commitment to Participatory Democracy and Justice in Peace
March 7 - A year after the death of Hugo Chavez Frias, we take time to reflect about his life, his virtues and limitations, his public promises, achievements and unfinished work. Chavez was a bold thinker, uncompromising in his goal of constructing a new, just, economically productive Venezuela. By James Early and Danny Glover

Celebrities, European Leaders Push for Final Deal on Wall Street Tax
February 19 - A new viral video with Andrew Lincoln of "The Walking Dead" is one more setback for financial industry lobbyists fighting a financial transaction tax. By Sarah Anderson, published in Bill Moyers


World Bank Energy Lending Still Veering in Wrong Direction
April 11 - If the World Bank were serious about bringing energy access to the poor, it would dedicate the majority of its lending to do so. By Krysta Villeda

Media Advisory
International Coalition Supports El Salvador in Battle Against Canadian Mining Company
April 10 - Some 300 groups urge World Bank to reject lawsuit that would devastate nation’s water By Manuel Perez-Rocha

Media Advisory
New Study Debunks Mining Company "Falsehoods" Regarding El Salvador
March 18 - A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking. By Robin Broad, John Cavanagh, Manuel Perez-Rocha

Debunking Eight Falsehoods by Pacific Rim Mining / OceanaGold in El Salvador
March 18 - A new study debunks eight falsehoods the mining corporation OceanaGold has used to try to justify mining in El Salvador and undermine public debate and policymaking. By

Is the Democrats' Talkathon on Climate Change Just Talk?
March 12 - IPS Fellow Daphne Wysham debates whether the Senate Democrats' all-nighter means that they are serious about tackling global warming. By Daphne Wysham

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