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Revoking Citizenship: Israel's New Repressive Tool

The revoking of Alaa Zayoud's Israeli citizenship sets a dangerous precedent.

No, Affirmative Action Isn’t Keeping White Students Down

Enrollment rates are still higher for whites than blacks or Latinos. Now is the worst time to roll back affirmative action.

White Supremacy Carries More Than a Tiki Torch

Republicans are condemning Trump’s coddling of white supremacists. Can they speak out against racist laws, too?

How Air Conditioning Unites — And Divides

Most Americans now have A/C at home. At work, it's a different story.

Why Martin Shkreli Won’t Be the Last Pharma Bro

How Shkreli got rich in the first place remains not just legal but celebrated.
Donald Trump

Slap-dash Sanctions Leave Less Room for Diplomacy

Slapping sanctions onto three different countries with vastly different foreign policy challenges doesn't work in the real world, Phyllis Bennis tells The Real News.

Trumping Up Our Trains

The president promised a huge infrastructure boost. So why won’t he fix our trains?

Rising Angst Among Defenders of Overpaid CEOs

Efforts to repeal CEO-worker pay ratio disclosure continue, but the odds of success are growing longer.

A Fight for Civil and Labor Rights: Union Vote Looms at Nissan

Workers in a Nissan Auto plant are close to winning one of the largest successes for labor in decades.

Don’t Lie to Poor Kids About Why They’re Poor

Those at the bottom — and the top — deserve to know why their experiences are so different.

Disarmament Shouldn't be a Precondition for Negotiations with North Korea

It’s going to take a while for this trust-building exercise to have any kind of impact, John Feffer says on Intercepted.

Nearly 50 Senators Want to Make It a Felony to Boycott Israel

The goal is to frighten people from engaging in the completely legal act of living out their values.

I’m a Jewish American Who Wanted to Visit Israel. I Got as Far as the Airport.

A new Israeli law bans travel by anyone who supports a nonviolent boycott for Palestinian rights — including Jews who break with the government's right-wing line.

A Private-Sector Case Against Exploitation

In his new book, Peter Georgescu argues that capitalists have a vested interest in curbing wealth inequality.

Child Soldier in the War on Terror: The Limits of Justice for One Guantanamo Bay Survivor

The abuse of Omar Khadr shows that Islamophobia drives the War on Terror.

Increasing Isolation Won't Change North Korea's Behavior

When are we going to try something different?
Older woman joins protest

Democrats' 'Better Deal' Isn't Much Better

Working Americans are hungering for a policy agenda daring enough to take on corporate greed. The Democratic Party's “Better Deal” isn't that.

In Guam, the Gravest Threat Isn’t North Korea—It’s the United States

The United States is using this Pacific colony as its own private firing range.

8 Lessons U.S. Progressives Can Learn From the U.K. Labour Party

As of mid-July, Labour is 8 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives. Here’s how they did it.

On Electric Cars, the U.S. Is Stuck in the Slow Lane

While Europe races toward electric vehicles, U.S. automakers are actually trying to make cars less efficient.

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