Leadership Programs

In order to sustain the movement, we need to continuing growing new generations of social justice leaders and infuse their ideas to ensure our work stays on the cutting edge. Our Next Leaders internship program and our various professional Fellowship programs help sharpen young voices and new ideas through training and mentoring, and provide emerging activist-scholars with an intellectual home.

Latest Work

How Obama Made It Easier for Trump to Abuse Drones

The use of drone strikes has spiraled out of control and will only get worse, Dr. Maha Hilal of the Institute for Policy Studies told Rising Up With Sonali recently

For Desperate Detainees, the Only Way Out of Guantanamo Is to Starve to Death

For prisoners on hunger strike, the Trump administration looks prepared to let them die.

Trump Plans to Make It Easier to Kill Civilians with Drones. Sadly, We Can Thank Obama for That.

As the war on terror enters its 17th year, it's clear that abuses of power by one administration lead to abuses by the next.

The War on Terror Has Targeted Muslims Almost Exclusively

The war on terror was supposed to be about making our country safer. As a Muslim American, I don’t feel safer at all.

It's Lonely Being a Person of Color in the Sustainable Energy Sector

When it comes to diversity, there's a "green ceiling" in many climate action groups, even as climate change affects people of color first and worst.

Trump’s Pardon of Joe Arpaio Is Deeply Disturbing

The president called a man who freely violated people's constitutional rights a "patriot." What does that make his victims?

The View From the U.S.'s 'Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier'

Ratcheting tensions between the U.S. and North Korea are now nothing new for its Pacific colony Guam.

Confederate Statues Aren't About History

They serve to valorize white violence that colors America's racist past – and present.

Revoking Citizenship: Israel's New Repressive Tool

The revoking of Alaa Zayoud's Israeli citizenship sets a dangerous precedent.

Nearly 50 Senators Want to Make It a Felony to Boycott Israel

The goal is to frighten people from engaging in the completely legal act of living out their values.

I’m a Jewish American Who Wanted to Visit Israel. I Got as Far as the Airport.

A new Israeli law bans travel by anyone who supports a nonviolent boycott for Palestinian rights — including Jews who break with the government's right-wing line.

In Guam, the Gravest Threat Isn’t North Korea—It’s the United States

The United States is using this Pacific colony as its own private firing range.

The Supreme Court’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Decision Is Terrifying

If the war on terror has taught us one thing, it's that harsh laws targeting non-citizens will eventually be extended to citizens, too.

The U.S. Gives Refuge to Torture Victims from All Over — Except from Guantanamo

The U.S. hasn't agreed to resettle any of its own torture victims, much less offered any other form of accountability.

If We Want the Arts in Baltimore, We Need Artists

It's not enough to see shows and buy local art. Policy changes are needed to fully acknowledge the value that artists bring to Baltimore.

Violence Should Be Treated As A Health Issue

Jeff Sessions wants law and order responses to violence, but cities and states are treating violence as the health crisis it is.

Students Get the Last Word on Commencement

If they don't want protests, universities need to give students more input on their commencement speakers.
New Economy Maryland Fellowship Program

New Economy Maryland Fellowship Program is a 6-9 month professional development program that invites emerging scholar-activists to deepen their knowledge of the new economy movement and to develop skills in public scholarship, with an emphasis on writing for broad audiences.

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New Mexico Fellowship

The New Mexico Fellowship provides the opportunity for college graduates and/or young scholar-activists residing in New Mexico to come to IPS to be trained in public scholarship, a term we define as the connection between grassroots activism and policy research. Through the fellowship, participants sharpen their knowledge of the progressive landscape and policy world, and develop their capacities to think, write, research, and make connections to social movements. After learning about the organizational structure and operations of a thriving non-profit in Washington, D.C., fellows will return to New Mexico for a six month paid placement in a local organization.

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Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellowship

The Carol Jean and Edward F. Newman Fellowship was created to provide young scholars and leaders an opportunity to delve more deeply into public scholarship and the progressive movement.  Thanks to the generosity of the original donors who endowed the program, the Newman Fellowship is a uniquely flexible program that allows IPS to define the area of public scholarship where new energy and enthusiasm is most needed within our programs each year. For the past three years, the Newman Fellows have been placed in the IPS communications team and have dramatically enhanced IPS presence in the digital age. Previous Newman Fellows have served as junior staff in several of our policy programs.

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Next Leaders Program

Next Leaders seeks to compel action by giving change-hungry, young activists hands-on experience in public scholarship. Through its event and workshop series and individualized mentorship, each cohort leaves the program with professional development and a sharpened understanding of the intersections of social justice.

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Michael Ratner Middle East Fellowship

The Michael Ratner Middle East Fellowship aims to provide a one-year opportunity for an emerging public scholar, at a mid-career or earlier level, to spend a year working with IPS’s Middle East expert Phyllis Bennis, who directs the IPS New Internationalism Project. The Fellow’s work typically includes a broad range of public scholarship (writing, speaking, organizing, advocacy) focused on transforming U.S. policy regarding Palestine, wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and beyond, the Iran nuclear deal and sanctions, U.S. domination of Middle East issues in the United Nations, and, overall, supporting diplomacy over war.

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Saul Landau Fellowship

Named for beloved Senior Fellow Saul Landau, this program supports a 10 week paid internship experience of one to three interns each year at IPS, one with a focus on video and media production in honor of Saul’s legacy.

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