Community Engagement

Our work is informed by the leadership of affected communities, which is why we do much of it in cities and other localities. We are delving deep into local initiatives to battle economic inequality, help expand the sanctuary movement, organize black workers, and take a human rights approach to criminal justice. Our community-based work is done through partnership with movement building allies on the ground.

Latest Work


Climate Change is a Bigger Threat Than Any Military — Our Budget Should Reflect That

Facing financial ruin and the ruins of South Texas, some hawks want to throw more money at the military. That's ludicrous.

If We Want the Arts in Baltimore, We Need Artists

It's not enough to see shows and buy local art. Policy changes are needed to fully acknowledge the value that artists bring to Baltimore.

Violence Should Be Treated As A Health Issue

Jeff Sessions wants law and order responses to violence, but cities and states are treating violence as the health crisis it is.
Pollution Los Angeles

Trump's Insecurity Budget

Throwing money at the Pentagon while gutting other programs that protect Americans shouldn't make anyone feel safer.
Pentagon Money

Trump’s Phony Populism on Military Spending

The president says he'll protect our interests against the boondoggle weapons makers. Don't believe him.
Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

This Could Be the Year to Close America's Surplus Military Bases

If Congress gets out of the way.

The Pentagon’s $125 Billion Cover-up

The brass asked for a report on eliminating waste. When investigators found some, the military buried it.

This Baltimore Project Could Help Stop Prison's Revolving Door

Port Covington has an opportunity to help hundreds of ex-offenders find sustainable employment and combat the city's recidivism rates.

U.S. Military Names Climate Change an Urgent Threat, But Where's the Money?

As our climate crisis plays out in increased refugee flows and natural disasters, the government is still wasting money on ineffective, traditional military security.

Kids Won't Want to Protect the World If They Never Get to Explore It

My childhood outdoor explorations inspired me to a career in conservation. Are today's kids missing the same chance?

Black Youth and Elusive Freedom

As I weep over the death of America’s black men, I remember my brother’s struggle for his freedom against unnecessary police searches.

The Black History of the New Economy

Black community organizing is at the root of the people and planet first agenda, just take a look at the Vision for Black Lives.

A Soiled Picture of Art and Labor

The deeply unequal art world’s current economic model simply isn’t working, as the story of one public art effort demonstrates quite clearly.
Under Armour

Under Armour Wants to Use Baltimore Tax Revenue Without Giving Back to the City

Development projects in cities across the nation are trying to drive out low-income residents, but local activists are taking control with community-based solutions that are beneficial to everyone.
Bill of Rights

I Have the Right to Own a Gun, But Not to Basic Needs

State and local governments should enact Economic Bills of Rights to redefine human rights for the 21st century.

Making the City's Budget a Local Affair

Residents are providing new ways to make local budgeting more open and democratic.

We Can Save Maryland From Climate Change Without Hurting the Economy

A carbon fee and dividend could slow climate change and help Maryland families get by.
College Graduates

I Have a Master's Degree and I'm Still Poor

Student debt can make any career path perilous — especially if you change your mind.

Want to Stop Gentrification? Start a Union.

Like labor unions, neighborhood unions could help residents bargain collectively for affordable housing, housing security, protections for local businesses, and community reconciliation.

I Can’t Watch Another Police Killing

Shocking videos will come and go, but systemic police violence will continue regardless of whether we're watching — and it demands a systemic solution.
Jamaica Plain Forum

The Jamaica Plain Forum is a free public speaker, workshop, and film series bringing together neighbors, scholars, and organizers around issues of peace, justice, the environment and civic engagement. The Boston office of IPS, located in Jamaica Plain, hosts these timely community-based conversations on the great issues shaping the neighborhood and our planet.

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New Economy Maryland

New Economy Maryland seeks to help build an economy that better serves all people and protects our planet. Embedded in this project is the free professional development program for emerging activists, the New Economy Maryland Fellowship program.

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Peace Economy Transitions

The Peace Economy Transitions project has three components: First, writing, speaking and organizing in support of a demilitarized economy; second, working on models of community transition from defense dependency to alternative economic foundations; and third, building and maintaining a digital archive of peace economy research from the Cold War, post-Cold War, and post-9/11 periods.

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Affiliated Projects

New Economy Working Group

IPS helped found this coalition to put forward a bold vision and implementation strategy for a New Economy that works for people and the living systems on which their well-being depends. The New Economy Working Group is now housed at the Next Systems Project.

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New England New Economy Transition

NE-NET is based in the Boston office of IPS. The project works to spread the word about the new economy movement and support community and regional resilience.

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Report: The Human Trafficking of Domestic Workers in the United States

Findings from the Beyond Survival Campaign

Report: Combat Vs. Climate

The Military and Climate Security Budgets Compared