Michael Ahn Paarlberg is a regular contributor to the Guardian on labor and employment issues, and a doctoral candidate and researcher at Georgetown University, where he has taught Latin American politics. He is also the classical music and opera critic for the Washington City Paper, where he also writes about immigrant communities, and has contributed to the Washington Post, the New Republic, Slate, the Huffington Post, Jacobin, In These Times, and other publications. His research on transnational elections and diaspora politics has been published in Comparative Politics and Contemporary Issues for People of Color in the U.S. Today. Previously, he worked for the Service Employees International Union and the Center for American Progress.



Donald Trump Is Playing 'Bad Cop' With His Extremist Budget Proposal

The president is useful to Republicans because he allows them to appear comparably less extreme than they actually are.

Are Trump's H1-B Visa Reforms Just a Dog Whistle for His Base?

Trump’s latest executive order cannot be taken in isolation from his broader immigration agenda, which is overwhelmingly xenophobic.

A Labor Trafficking Survivor Speaks Out

A new report helps quantify the abusive patterns experienced by survivors of human trafficking by following the stories of over 100 domestic workers.

Report: The Human Trafficking of Domestic Workers in the United States

Findings from the Beyond Survival Campaign

The Great Donald Trump Confidence Trick: Symbolism Over Substance

The executive orders signed on Monday will raise mortgage costs and healthcare premiums for the very people the new president claims to champion.

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