The World Bank and Fossil Fuels: A Clear and Present Danger

In its own words, the World Bank Group’s position as a leading source of global fossil fuel financing poses a “clear and present danger” to its reputation and the global commons. This brief shows that over $24 billion of World Bank financing has poured into projects designed to extract, transport, process and burn fossil fuels drilled and mined from developing countries from 1992 to 2002. The cumulative impacts of these hundreds of projects are considerable. While transferring natural resources into transnational private hands, the World Bank is aiding and abetting economic disparity, repression, political instability, local environmental disasters, and global climate change.

  • Bill Vancouver

    About 1 degree F increase between 1895 and 2013 is not a global warming crisis. Check NOAA’s NCDC (National Climatic Data Center). Plus there has not been any warming for the past 17+ years. The wheels are falling off the CAGW wagon….you have stolen some $200 billion U.S. taxpayer dollars over the past 20 years under a falsified hypotheses. You have established “climate change” as a greater threat to our Republic than Islamic terrorists, Iranian nukes, N. Korea, Chinese Pacific dominance, our $18 trillion debt, and a declining GDP. You will be the demise of the world’s last beacon of hope for religious, economic, and personal freedoms. Your new world order will be nothing but another form of totalitarianism.
    Your brilliant exalted ruler BHO says Climate Science is settled. This statement alone proves his lack of scientific method knowledge. When I was growing up, it was the medical consensus ulcers were caused by tension and stress. Then two Australian physicians won a Nobel prize when they proved ulcers were caused by bacteria. Other examples of consensus failures include Copericus, Galileo, and Einstein.
    If climate science is settled, why is the Exalted Ruler spending anther $22 billion on it again this year? If climate science is settled, why are more big named scientists abandoning the CAGW every year? Why do the “Warmists” believe that CO2, a life-giving essential trace greenhouse gas, is the earth’s thermostat? CO2 comprises about 400 parts per 1,000,000 and is increasing at a rate of 2.2 parts annually. The CO2 limit aboard US submarines is 8,000 parts per million. At the present rate, we have 3636 years to solve any climate change issues. Also you want me to believe that man can control less than 4 parts in 10,000 and can, therefore, control global climate? Are you serious?