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Young Voices and New Visions from Africa

In a public discussion with young bloggers, students, and activists from Africa, IPS Associate Fellow and AU Professor Carl LeVan will ask, is there a generation gap in Africa today?

The UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident

Lt. John Pike hosed down a line of silent, passive, determined, and frightened students, as if they were nothing more than weeds he needed to kill.

Author Event: Zahra’s Paradise

Join the Institute's Foreign Policy In Focus project for the DC debut of a heartbreaking Iranian story, not just about tyranny, loss and grief, but a celebration of the will to live.

Peru’s Leftist Student Revival

In the face of a disturbing past and widespread apathy, leftist students struggle to encourage political action on campus.

The Pain in Spain

The Spanish government has been showing the world how to repress an uprising European-style.

The New Age of Journalism

U.S. citizens and activists seek to broaden the Al Jazeera English audience by increasing its availability on local cable networks.
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