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Book Event: Arabia Incognita

IPS will host the launch of "Arabia Incognita: Dispatches From Yemen and the Gulf" with editor Dr. Sheila Carapico and a Q&A led by IPS Fellow Phyllis Bennis.

When Will the Dirty Wars End?

Jeremy Scahill's 'Dirty Wars' conveys the sinister, unaccountable, and deadly power concentrated in the halls of Washington that now threatens the planet.

Postcard from Yemen

Seventy-four percent of Yemenis live in rural areas, and the majority of those lack the same three things: electricity, clean water, and education.

Plain Old Murder

The Pakistani government loudly protests that many of the casualties of drone strikes are civilian.

Target: Africa

Al-Qaeda is having a near-death experience, so why is the Obama administration opening a new front against terrorism in Africa?
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