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Author Event: People Get Ready

For the first event in OUR NEW LOCATION IPS, and the Democracy Collaborative, will host a brownbag talk and signing with authors Robert McChesney and John Nichols to discuss "the fight against a Jobless economy and a citizenless democracy"... (notwithstanding issues with Metro)

The Luddites Revisited

Since it is the 200th anniversary of the British Luddite protests this month, that movement has been getting some attention.

Shanghai’s Expo Vision

The World Expo in Shanghai showcases the airbrushed future and polarized present in China.

Stalemate at Camp Victory

The Afghan army is the fulcrum of U.S. counter-insurgency strategy. But as a new documentary reveals, that army's loyalty is at best unclear.

Time-Lapse Foreign Policy

There are some aspects of our tech-powered reality where we should be pressing "pause" instead of "fast-forward."
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