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Popping the Jeju Bubble

South Korea is on the verge of political change, and the anti-base movement in Jeju is a key part of the shift.

Seoul Salvation

The first politician of the Occupy Wall Street era has become the mayor of Seoul.

Confronting Agent Orange

Allegations of Agent Orange use are rekindling the anti-base movements in South Korea and Japan.
On July 27, 2011 scholars from the Institute for Policy Studies, South Korea, and the Washington Peace Center will hold a special discussion on the status of the Korean War Armistice and why a peace treaty to end the Korean War matters today in the context of the current military issues facing East Asia and the overall need for peacebuilding in this region.
The film by Institute for Policy Studies Senior Fellow Saul Landau, “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up,” featuring Landau, Danny Glover and Fidel Castro (at age 84), shows how the U.S.-backed violence against Cuba has continued for decades and our government’s unusual obsession with Fidel Castro has led to the unjust conviction of the Cuban 5.
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