Cuba: Hope and Change?

Cuba: Hope and Change?

Cuba stands at a historic crossroads: playground for the rich or isolated Communist backwater. Can it find a third path?

Perspectives on Cuba and Cuba-U.S. Relations

IPS Fellow and filmmaker Saul Laudau will share insights from his half century of work on Cuba and on U.S. policy toward the island.  Saul is working on his fifth film on Cuba, this one on the struggle for gay and lesbian rights in Cuba. 

Alan Gross and the U.S. Pragmatism Deficit

Alan Gross and the U.S. Pragmatism Deficit

Moving toward a comprehensive policy of engagement with Cuba is in the national interest of the United States–and is certainly in the best interests of Alan Gross.

Life After Fidel

The new Cuban leadership is contemplating neoliberal economic reforms but democracy is still off the table.

Postcard from…Sarajevo

Postcard from…Sarajevo

A new monument in Sarajevo playfully bites the hand that fed the city during the Bosnian war.

Getting Smart About Cuba

Now that Fidel Castro has stepped down, it’s time to derail the embargo gravy train.

Fidel: Father of Modern Cuba

In spite of anti-Castro rhetoric, despite determined US policies to undermine — Fidel has done good for the world.

The Post-Fidel Moment

As Fidel fades into history, Cuba again appears on the verge of change. New leadership in Havana may create the conditions for a long-awaited warming in U.S.-Cuba relations.

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