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Hillary Clinton: A Hawk in the Wings

After a mere eight years in which diplomacy narrowly edged out militarism, the foreign policy elite rallying around Clinton has forgotten the lessons of the George W. Bush era.

My Memories of Libya

1982 Libya had a different feeling than the current world, but its memories shape a view of the current situation.

Is Libya A Litmus Test For The Arab World?

The debate over Libya does not break down along ideological lines. Linda Wertheimer talks to two liberals who disagree over whether the U.S. should be intervening in Libya. Phyllis Bennis, the director of the New Internationalism Program at the Institute for Policy Studies, opposes the allied military action. Marc Lynch, who writes for Foreign Policy and heads the Middle East studies program at The George Washington University, is in favor.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that the U.S. has not yet decided whether to send weapons to Libya's struggling opposition movement. Jim Lehrer discusses the arms issue with the Institute for Policy Studies' Emira Woods and Mansour El-Kikhia of the University of Texas at San Antonio.
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