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Author Event: What Then Must We Do?

Author and political economist, Gar Alperovitz will discuss and sign his new book about alternative economic models based on community land trusts and worker-owned businesses.

It’s the New Economy, Stupid

While Obama's policies have the short-term potential to improve the lives of many Americans beleaguered by the economic slump, the approach he champions is insufficient to tackle the long-term problems we face.

Author Event: America the Possible

A discussion and book signing with Gus Speth on his book about an attractive and plausible future with specific changes that are needed to move toward a new political economy.

Crashing the GDP

A harrowing road trip on the first day of my summer internship helped me get the point of my work on the Genuine Progress Indicator.

Author Event: America Beyond Capitalism

Come to this DC book launch event with Gar Alperovitz, Ralph Nader and more, that will tie in the Occupy movements with “new economy” strategies.
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