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Are We Near the End of NATO?

Problems with Turkey, Eastern Europe, and Donald Trump could tear the rickety alliance apart at the seams.

World Military Spending: Trends and Implications

IPS Peace Economy Transitions director, Miriam Pemberton, will speak about the trends and implications of military spending during a discussion at the United Nation's headquarters.

Donald Trump is Foreign Policy’s Useful Idiot

He's right that “world’s policeman” is not a viable role for the U.S. to play. Eventually, someone with a bigger brain and a smaller ego will pick up this message, run with it, and win big at the polls.

Burning Issues: Is Our Military Big Enough?

IPS defense expert Miriam Pemberton explains that the United States military remains the most powerful on earth by far in this segment of Campaign for America's Future “Burning Issues” video series.
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