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Sadiq Khan and the End of Islamophobia

The victory of Sadiq Khan has "normalized" Muslims in UK politics in much the same way that JFK normalized Catholics in American politics. But American Muslims are still waiting for their JFK moment.

Life in the Gray Zone

While ISIS makes war on the world's vast majority of "moderate Muslims," hardliners in the West pretend they don't exist.

The War Machine

IPS's Peter Certo joins Telesur for an in-depth look at U.S. foreign policy as it relates to ISIS, Saudis, Syria, and more.

A Racist Wake-Up Call

After Ahmed Mohamed’s ordeal, there’s no denying that Americans still harbor misguided feelings about Muslims.

Author Event: Crusade 2.0: The West’s Resurgent War on Islam

The African American Resource Center at Howard University will be presenting John Feffer, co-director of IPS' Foreign Policy In Focus project, to discuss his book examining the resurgence of anti-Islamic sentiment in the West and its global implications.
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