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Photo Slideshow: An Act of Art

I joined artist activists in London for a guerilla installation and performance piece at the Tate Modern Museum to protest oil giant BP's involvement in the art community.

Author Event: Black Tide

Join author and IPS Associate Fellow, Antonia Juhasz on Earth Day for a talk and book signing with a searing look at the human face of BP oil company's disaster in the Gulf.

Learning from the BP Oil Disaster

Although every major oil company operating in deep water around the world had guaranteed that it could handle a blowout, not a single one knew what to do.

Gulf Tolls: A Poetry Reading

Join us for this tribute to the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding regions.

The Rhetoric-Reality Gulf

Network media mavens evoke disaster about the Gulf's fate, while the gulf between reality and rhetoric grows accordingly.

Obama at the BP Press Conference

The president was cool and competent, as always. But his press conference speech once again lacked substantive answers to the Gulf oil spill disaster.

Hungry for Justice

Indian guest workers, brought to the United States to help rebuild following hurricanes Katrina and Rita, hold a hunger strike to protest abuse by Signal International.