Tagged: Grassroots Activism

Grassroots Feminist Internationalism

The Institute for Policy Studies' Climate Policy Program joins with Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) and Grassroots International to invite you to join us for a special evening in celebration.

Town Hall Meeting: Ferguson After the Verdict

A discussion focusing on how we can move forward construtively to challenge systemic police brutality against black men and women in America.

Film: Maestra

The Institute for Policy Studies invites you to an intimate discussion on the return to DC of the cutting-edge film about the incredible history of Cuba that transformed the condition of the poor and the stature of Women on the island, as well as people around the world.

Global Economic Governance: Strategic Crossroads

The objective of this discussion paper is to examine in broad terms the emergence of a transnational citizen movement opposed to the current forms of global economic governance, while providing sketches of main analytical tendencies within this diverse movement.