Tagged: Genuine Progress Indicator

Webinar: How to Measure Progress? Replacing GDP

A webinar revealing stories from Massachusetts, Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic Transition Hub, and Vermont in using the Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI).

Maryland Legislative Review

IPS' Director of the Genuine Progress Project, Daphne Wysham will be among a host of speakers to share important information about the upcoming legislative session.

Webinar: Moving Beyond GDP

A great webinar featuring IPS' Daphne Wysham and John Talberth of Center for Sustainable Economy about "How Maryland is Leading the World to a More Equitable and Sustainable Economy."

Beyond the Great Recession and Beyond GDP

The Institute for Policy Studies' Genuine Progress Project joins Demos in welcoming Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs for a dialogue on measuring and sustaining what matters in the 21st-Century Economy.

Prosperity Not Austerity Rally!

Join us for this chance to speak out before tax day to say how we want our money spent!

Workshop: Genuine Progress Indicator

Transition Howard County will host a forum featuring IPS Fellow Daphne Wysham and economist Dr. John Talberth about a metric for measuring the actual improvement of the welfare (or well-being) of a community.