Gaza Under Siege

Gaza is now synonymous with carnage, rising death tolls, destroyed schools, and city streets slick with blood.

Reason for War?

The world witnessed another lopsided war in which Israel delivered a deadly round of rockets and bombs into civilian neighborhoods in Gaza.

We’re in This Together

As our economy continues to decline, “common security clubs” are one way people can support each other and take action for a more just future.

Gaza: Israel, Washington to Blame

President-elect Barack Obama has pledged to restore America’s image in the world. He should start by elevating peace and justice in the Middle East over war and occupation.

Gaza Crisis: Israeli Violations & U.S. Complicity

The Israeli airstrikes represent serious violations of international law—including the Geneva Conventions and a range of international humanitarian law—and the U.S. is complicit in all of it.

Detractors of Hillary

When it comes to foreign policy Barack Obama seems so very 20th century.

No More Axes

The U.S. economy has been crumbling for some time, and the backlog of necessary repairs is long. The same can be said for many other economies around the world, so it’s no wonder that everyone is readying their own fiscal cures.

Speak Memory

In a country still so divided, the words of the song — Imagine all the people, living life in peace — has special resonance.

Bomb India?

When a group of militants wages a ruthless campaign against civilians, a government certainly must respond. But the issue is: what kind of response?

On the Brink of Peace in the Middle East?

A convergence of interests in the region provide a golden opportunity for the United States to reverse its policy and help bring peace to the Middle East.

Let Me Stand Alone: The Journals of Rachel Corrie

Join Craig and Cindy Corrie, along with IPS fellow Phyllis Bennis, who will be introducing and reading from the just-released book Let Me Stand Alone: the Journals of Rachel Corrie.

This is a collection of writings of the young peace activist/poet/thinker whose death at the hands of an Israeli soldier driving a U.S.-supplied armored Caterpillar bulldozer in the Gaza Strip in 2003 brought new attention and new mobilization to the issue of U.S. support for the Israeli occupation. Before her death at age 23, Rachel had been an inveterate writer, diarist, poet, and communicator. Her book, put together by her family, reverberates with echoes of her long-held belief in the unity of humanity.

"We have got to understand that they dream our dreams, and we dream theirs."