Spotlight on Sudan

Southern Sudan’s vote for independence and ongoing violence in Darfur demand U.S. attention.

Dumbed-Down Nation

A growing number of politicians either deny sound scientific knowledge in various areas, or have found it prudent to make their constituents think they do.

GOP Magic Act

GOP Magic Act

Voters responded to hard times by increasing the power of an avowed enemy of prosperity.

Money Bags

Money Bags

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, candidates for office in the United States accept unlimited donations from unspecified sources.

Glee and the Dems Get in a Funk

The Glee kids still have the talent, the good intentions, diversity, idealism, tolerance on their side–and so do progressives.

Speaker Bachmann?

Here’s a snapshot of three huge stories currently buried by breaking electoral news.

Midterm Miscarriage

The Obama agenda, instead of coming to term after four years, is suffering a miscarriage halfway through.

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