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Durban Diary: The Waiting Game

As the doors on government meetings swing shut, Janet ponders whether our future will be one of ecological stability or planetary chaos.

Durban Diary: Climate Reality Check

What we need in Durban is a commitment to complete the mandate that already exists. Countries must deliver a renewed Kyoto Protocol, and effective Green Climate Fund, and substantial money to fill it.
This edition of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change lacks the sense of urgency that was visible on years past. On this interview with the Real News Network, we discuss the repercussions of turning away from the future of our planet.

Key Countries, Organizations Call For Innovative Sources of Finance

At a press conference in Durban, South Africa, officials from a diverse set of countries will join civil society leaders to call for innovative sources of finance, including a tax on financial transactions and a fee on emissions from maritime shipping, to be part of a deal in Durban which raises billions of dollars to help fill the Green Climate Fund.

Durban Diary: Dispatch from the Ground

As UN climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa, go into their final week, Janet Redman, co-director of IPS's Sustainable Energy & Economy Network, provides a quick update on the talks.

Durban Diary: #Occupy the COP

A former Central American president proposes that all vulnerable countries should occupy the UN climate change meeting and refuse to leave until progress is made.
“Solving the climate crisis is the most urgent challenge of our time,” said Redman. “Our economy, our jobs, our health and our security depend on climate stability. But over the past year the United States has been undermining the continuation of the world’s only global treaty to curb greenhouse gas pollution, and has blocked critical progress on a Green Climate Fund and long-term financial support for poor countries most impacts by global warming. The Obama administration must use the Durban talks to clean up its act. Our future depends upon it.”
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