Tagged: District of Columbia

Film: A Path Appears

An IPS and Community Cinema [DC] preview in a series uncovers the roots behind the incredible adversity faced every day by millions of women, while also presenting glimpses of hope and change.

Pot is Passed in DC: What Now?

As DC residents voted overwhelmingly for marijuana legalization, this panel, moderated by Sanho Tree of IPS' Drug Policy Project, will discuss next steps for D.C.'s marijuana legalization initiative.

Brown Bag: We Are Family In DC

An afternoon discussion about a unique community service response to DC gentrification that is building diverse friendships across several social cleavages.

Film: Crossing the American Crises: From Collapse to Action

Come to the DC premier screening of this film which - in the spirit of Wisconsin - takes us across the U.S. amidst the economic collapse to the find people's grassroots solutions.
The best hope I see for the country and it's cities, like Washington DC, is that sooner rather than latter the electorate recognizes that changing politicians isn't a change we can believe in, rather the country must radically change the trickle down, deregulated economy which has maintained racial divisions and increased economic inequality.