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Venezuelan Constitutional Expert Hermann Escarr Speaks

IPS' Foreign Policy In Focus hosts a talk with Venezuelan law professor about the current situation in Venezuela and the dialogue for peace, moderated by IPS boardmember James Early.

Rally: Restore the Fourth

Direct action to promote the defense of civil liberties in response to the recent attacks by the Federal Government on the 4th and 1st Amendments.

Tunisia Must Not Fail

Tunisia's stagnant economy could also stagnate its democracy--the good news is Washington can actually help.

Gun Ownership Is a Hobby, Not a Right

Sure, some people can use guns safely. Some people can also smoke crack safely, drink and drive safely and handle explosives safely. We don't let them because too many other people can't.

Romney’s Borking Strategy

Romney's choice of a Reagan administration relic for judicial guidance offers a scary glimpse of his plans for America.
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