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Film and Discussion: Concerning Violence

A film screening followed by a discussion with Pan-African activist and IPS Events Coordinator Netfa Freeman about the contributions of Africans worldwide and the tendency of capitalism toward the socio-economic oppression of African people globally.

Economic Crisis, War & Racism

IPS Associate Fellow, Ajamu Baraka visiting from Colombia, South America on a U.S. tour will speak about "why the fight must be for people-centered human rights."

Payback for Colonial Sins

The British government's offer to pay reparations to colonial-era torture victims in Kenya dispels the notion that British colonialism was any better than the rest.

Theater: The Convert

FPIF Co-Director Emira Woods will moderate a panel about women in Africa following a performance of the stage play, "The Convert."

America vs China in Africa

By clinging to a paternalistic attitude and an antiquated Washington Consensus, the United States has opened up space for a broad Chinese role in Africa.

Monroe Doctrine 2.0

Keeping our Latin American neighbors seemingly independent, but still supportive of U.S. corporations, requires new methods.
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