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The Cost of Cheap Chocolate

Despite years of pressure on Hershey’s, Nestlé, and other chocolate heavyweights, thousands of kids under 14 are still doing the tough work of harvesting cocoa beans.

Briefing: World Day Against Child Labor

IPS' Tiffany Williams is a featured panelist on congressional briefing by The Child Labor Coalition and The Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST) to promote the rights of 15 million child domestic workers.

Trick or Mistreat

Big Chocolate uses forced labor in West Africa and feeds obesity and diabetes in the United States.

Food of the Gods

The politics and socioeconomics of chocolate and why it is still a guilty pleasure.

Labor Lessons Through the Lens of Liberia

Please join the Institute for Policy Studies and the International Labor Rights Forum for a briefing on Firestone’s exploits in Liberia.

Film: The Dark Side of Chocolate

Join us for a screening about how the most popular gift to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day comes at the expense of workers rights.

Chocolate: Bitter or Sweet?

World Day Against Child Labor is this Saturday, June 12. Take a stand and demonstrate that children cannot continue to suffer while the world remains silent.