Brazil: Toward the Continuation of Lulismo

Dilma Rousseff came very close to winning in the first round of voting in Brazil, she ended up on the threshold of the government currently led by Lula de Silva.

Film Event: Brazil  A Report on Torture

Film Event: Brazil A Report on Torture

After the kidnapping of the Swiss Ambassador in Brazil in 1970, 70 political prisoners were released from Brazilian prisons and set free in Chile on an exchange agreement. The directors of this film, Haskell Wexler and Saul Landau, went to Chile and recorded first-hand interviews with the former prisoners, revealing the torture that was part of everyday routine interrogation in Brazilian prisons. The film shows reenactments of waterboarding, pau de arara and other medieval and modern “procedures” administered by Brazil’s military government.

LinkTV will be showing this revolutionary film three times in the next two weeks. You can find more information, including an interview with the film-makers, here.

Creating Another World: The World Social Forum 2009 Reports Back

Creating Another World: The World Social Forum 2009 Reports Back

At the end of January over 100,000 people gathered on the edge of the Amazon rainforest for the 9th World Social Forum. Participants spent a week imaging a new world rising out of the ashes of today’s economic, ecological, and cultural crises.

Please join DC-based friends and colleagues for a brown-bag conversation featuring short reflections on climate justice, indigenous rights, labor, financial crisis and environmental issues and proposals that emerged from the Forum. If you were at the World Social Forum, we invite you to share your experience, too. Bring your own lunch and join the discussion!

The Best and Worst of Nairobi

The Best and Worst of Nairobi

The Forum brought 70,000 people to Nairobi. But, Emira Woods asks, where was the Kenyan government support?

IMF Confidence Crisis

The International Monetary Fund is increasingly irrelevant and even its own assessment found major flaws in its track record in the poorest countries.

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