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Vigil for The Cuban 5

In honor of IPS colleague Saul Landau's support for the Ciuban 5, we join the Int'l Committee for The Freedom of The Cuban 5 in front of the White House for the 15th Anniversary of their unjust imprisonment.

Tribute to Justice

The Institute for Policy Studies proudly joins the Charles Horman Truth Foundation to to mark 40 years since the military coup in Chile.

10 Years Later: Still Shocked, Not Awed

Ten years after the latest U.S. assault on Iraq began with a campaign of "Shock and Awe," we stop to consider where we've been and where we should be heading.

A Day to Remember A Martyr

Malcolm X was assassinated 48 years ago, but his killers failed to keep him from living on in the hearts and minds of those he left behind.

The Day the World Said NO to War!

Join us as we commemorate the 10 anniversary of February 15, 2003, a mobilization that changed the world.

The Attack on the Gaza Flotilla: One Year On

Come to a reflective event on the first anniversary of the storming by Israeli commandos of a humanitarian mission carrying necessary supplies to people suffering in Gaza.