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Why Kony 2012 Fails

The controversial video provides a Twitter-like view of Uganda, political history, and U.S. foreign policy.

Occupy Global Africa!

On the Washington stop of her U.S. speaking tour, Affoing L. Affiong will discuss the challenges of a Pan-African vision for the 21st Century.

Land Grabs in Africa and Global Investment

Participate by phone in a learning call with Anuradha Mittal of the Oakland Institute hosted by IPS project, Promoting Resource Rights in the Global Economy.

Can the West “Export” Gay Rights?

When it comes to attitudes toward gays and lesbians in Africa, donor countries need to conjure up all their skill to walk the tightrope between mindfulness and meddling.

America vs China in Africa

By clinging to a paternalistic attitude and an antiquated Washington Consensus, the United States has opened up space for a broad Chinese role in Africa.

Author Event: African Sexualities: A Reader

Come to this rare and frank discussion on the intersections between sex, power, masculinity, and femininity with human rights activists and scholar, Dr. Sylvia Tamale, as she signs her new book.

Supporting Peace – Not War – in Kenya

Should the United States choose to support long-term peace and stability over its short-term counterterrorism interests, there is much that it can do to help ensure a peaceful Kenyan election.

Target: Africa

Al-Qaeda is having a near-death experience, so why is the Obama administration opening a new front against terrorism in Africa?
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