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As Washington’s first progressive, multi-issue think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies has been strengthening social movements aimed at promoting peace, justice, and the environment for over fifty years.

We do not accept any government funding, and instead depend on gifts from individuals and foundations to support our work. Please, make as generous a gift as you can afford this year, and every year – Together we can speak truth to power for the next fifty years.

For more information on ways to give to the Institute, please see below.


The Institute has donors at all levels. Some give us $5 or $10 each year. Several give $100,000 each year. We also have sustainers who allow us to charge their credit cards on a monthly or quarterly basis. We accept donations in whatever form is most convenient and comfortable for you, including credit card, cash, check, wire transfer, and gifts of appreciated securities, art and/or property. The Institute also operates a charitable gift annuity program.

Please click on one of the links below to make the type of gift that is right for you, or contact our Development Office at 202-787-5272 or [email protected] to discuss additional options.

Donate Online

You can make a one-time or recurring gift online using your credit card and our secure online donation form.

Donate by Mail

We are always delighted to accept contributions sent the old-fashioned way. Should you choose to make a donation by mail, please download our printer-friendly form [link to form] and mail it with your enclosed contribution to the address listed on the form.

Donate by Phone

We are happy to process credit cards gifts over the phone, at 202-787-5272.

Donate by Stock or Wire Transfer

Make a Planned Gift

Please consider a legacy donation to the Institute when you plan your estate. You can also name the Institute as a beneficiary of a retirement or insurance policy. Such bequests, large or small, particularly hearten us because they reflect an understanding that the pursuits of peace, justice and a sustainable environment will require attention for generations to come. Please contact our Development Office at 202-787-5272 or [email protected] for any inquiries regarding your planned gift.


A wide range of family, community, and private foundations share the Institute for Policy Studies’ commitment to strengthening campaigns aimed at advancing peace, justice, and the environment. The support of the foundations we partner with plays a vital role in our work to turn ideas into action.

Foundations interested in supporting the Institute’s general operations or a specific project should contact our Development Office at 202-787-5272 or [email protected] to learn more about the work our public scholars are undertaking.


How can I make a gift to the Institute?

We accept gifts in a variety of forms, as listed below, from both individuals and institutions. You can make your contribution in whatever form is most convenient and comfortable for you. For any additional questions regarding your gift to the Institute, please contact our Development Office at 202-787-5272 or [email protected].

  • Donate Online
  • Donate by Mail
  • Donate by Phone
  • Donate by Stock or Wire Transfer
  • Make a Planned Gift

What is the Institute for Policy Studies?

The Institute is a community of public scholars and organizers linking initiatives aimed at promoting peace, justice, and the environment in the U.S. and globally. We work with social movements to promote true democracy and challenge concentrated wealth, corporate influence, and military power.

When was the Institute founded?

Founded in 1963 as Washington’s first progressive multi-issue think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) has served as a policy and research resource for visionary social justice movements for over five decades — from the anti-war and civil rights movements in the 1960s to the peace and global justice movements of the last decade.

What are the Institute’s research areas?

Today the Institute’s work is organized into more than a dozen projects, reflecting our public scholars’ diverse areas of expertise. In practice, these projects collaborate strategically to pursue three overarching policy goals: peace, justice, and the environment. You can learn more about our projects here.

Who are the Institute’s public scholars?

Our public scholars are the heart and soul of the Institute’s work. Their passion for bringing fresh, bold ideas and substantiated research together to catalyze social change, both at home and abroad, has allowed the Institute for Policy Studies to turn ideas into action for the past fifty years. You can learn more about our experts and their work here.

Who serves on the Institute’s Board of Trustees?

Our Board of Trustees includes individuals from diverse fields, from poets to activists, journalists to economists, to name just a few. Broad-ranging as their areas of expertise may be, our Trustees are united by their commitment to work with the Institute to create a more peaceful, just, and green society. You can learn more about them here.

How does the Institute get its funding?

We receive approximately 75% of our income from private and family foundations, about 20% from individual donors, and the remaining 5% from “earned” income through events, tuitions, honoraria, publications, etc.

How is my donation spent?

Currently, we devote the majority of our funding – 88% – to our programs. We allocate the remaining 12% to overhead expenses including accounting, human resource management, communications, insurance, and fundraising.

How can I obtain a copy of the Institute’s annual report, most recent audit, or Forms 990?

Are donations to the Institute tax-exempt?

The Institute for Policy Studies is organized as a District of Columbia non-profit corporation, and we have been designated a 501(c)(3) corporation by the Internal Revenue Service. Donations to the Institute are therefore tax-deductible.

What is the Institute’s tax identification number?

Our tax identification number (EIN) is 52-0788947.

Does the Institute accept all donations it is offered?

The Institute, since its founding in 1963, has had a policy of accepting no donations from government entities. There are no other formal restrictions with respect to accepting donations. In practice, however, the Institute does not solicit, and rarely accepts, gifts from large corporations.

Can I visit the Institute for Policy Studies?

Our development staff is always delighted to meet with our donors or others interested in the Institute at our headquarters. You are also welcome to attend any of our public events.

Who can help me update my contact or billing information?

Does the Institute publicize the names of its donors and contributors?

The Institute for Policy Studies never shares or sells the names or contact information of its donor lists with any other organizations, individuals, or campaigns.

How can I give on a monthly basis?

You can sign up online to be a monthly sustainer of the Institute. In fact, setting up regular payments directly helps us reduce administrative costs. Most supporters arrange for a monthly charge to their credit card, which helps us to be more efficient and avoid mailing out reminders.

Can I designate my gift to the Institute for a particular program or public scholar?

Can I make the Institute a beneficiary of my will or estate?

Can I make a gift in honor of a friend or family member?

Donating to the Institute for Policy Studies is a wonderful way to honor a friend or family member who shares the Institute’s commitment to the promotion of peace, justice, and the environment. You can do so using our secure online donation form, by mail, or by phone.

Can I support IPS through the Combined Federal Campaign?

Yes, you can. Our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) code is 12787.