Support the Institute

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As Washington’s first progressive, multi-issue think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies has been strengthening social movements aimed at promoting peace, justice, and the environment for over fifty years.

We do not accept any government funding, and instead depend on gifts from individuals and foundations to support our work. Please, make as generous a gift as you can afford this year, and every year – Together we can speak truth to power for the next fifty years.

For more information on ways to give to the Institute, please see below.


The Institute has donors at all levels. Some give us $5 or $10 each year. Several give $100,000 each year. We also have sustainers who allow us to charge their credit cards on a monthly or quarterly basis. We accept donations in whatever form is most convenient and comfortable for you, including credit card, cash, check, wire transfer, and gifts of appreciated securities, art and/or property. The Institute also operates a charitable gift annuity program.

Please click on one of the links below to make the type of gift that is right for you, or contact our Development Office at 202-787-5272 or to discuss additional options.


A wide range of family, community, and private foundations share the Institute for Policy Studies’ commitment to strengthening campaigns aimed at advancing peace, justice, and the environment. The support of the foundations we partner with plays a vital role in our work to turn ideas into action.

Foundations interested in supporting the Institute’s general operations or a specific project should contact our Development Office at 202-787-5272 or to learn more about the work our public scholars are undertaking.