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Photo of Sarah Byrnes

Sarah Byrnes
Economic Justice Organizer
Inequality and the Common Good

NE Office, 30 Germania
Jamaica Plain, MA, 02130

Inequality and the Common Good

Sarah Byrnes

Sarah Byrnes is the Economic Justice Organizer with the Project on Inequality and the Common Good at IPS. She is the organizer of the Common Security Club network, supporting clubs around the country who come together to learn, help each other, and engage in social action.

Before coming to IPS, Sarah worked with Americans for Fairness in Lending, Americans for Financial Reform, the Center of Concern, and the Thomas Merton Center. She holds a BA from Boston College in philosophy and a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.

Recent Work

Reality TV's "Stories of Stuff"
September 8 - New reality shows offer an unwitting window in to the new green economy.

A Strategy for Coping with Unemployment
July 11 - Resilience Circles are springing up across the United States. Published in The Wilson County (TX) News and The Register Citizen (Torrington, CT).

Building Resilience: The New Economy in the Shell of the Old
June 13 - "Resilience Circles" are popping up all around the country. They're transformative, hopeful, and fun.

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