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Sam Pizzigati
Associate Fellow
Inequality and the Common Good

3213 Fayette Road
Kensington, MD, 20895

Inequality and the Common Good

Sam Pizzigati

Veteran labor journalist and Institute for Policy Studies associate fellow Sam Pizzigati edits Too Much, a weekly newsletter on excess and inequality. He also contributes a weekly column to OtherWords, the Institute's national non-profit editorial service. His latest book is The Rich Don’t Always Win. Pizzigati lives in Kensington, Maryland.

Recent Work

Where's Joe the Plumber When You Need Him?
October 24 - Without someone at least ranting about sharing the wealth, no one's talking about sharing the wealth. Published in The Huffington Post and The Muscatine (IA) Journal and Eurasia Review and Unionosity and The (Price, UT) Sun Advocate.

Empty Anti-Wall Street Rhetoric
October 17 - Lots of office-seekers this fall are campaigning against the 1 percent, but will they govern that way? Published in The Huffington Post and The Columbia Missourian and The Hays (KS) Daily News.

Apparently, Suite Crime Does Pay
October 10 - The executives responsible for the financial industry's pervasive fraud are paying no personal price. Published in Unionosity and The Bemidji (MN) Pioneer.

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