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Miriam Pemberton
Research Fellow
Foreign Policy In Focus

Institute for Policy Studies
Washington, DC, 20036

Foreign Policy In Focus

Miriam Pemberton

Miriam Pemberton is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, writing and speaking on demilitarization issues for its Foreign Policy In Focus project. She has recently published a report, "Military vs. Climate Security: Mapping the Shift from the Bush Years to the Obama Era," a follow-up to her other publication, "The Budgets Compared: Military vs. Climate Security." Miriam also leads a group that produces the annual “Unified Security Budget for the United States.” Formerly she was editor, researcher and finally director of the National Commission for Economic Conversion and Disarmament. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan.

With William Hartung of the New America Foundation, she is co-editor of the book "Lessons from Iraq: Avoiding the Next War" (Paradigm Publishers, 2008).

Recent Work

Report of the Task Force on a Unified Security Budget for the United States
June 30 - With military cuts now on the negotiating table, here's a set of expert recommendations on what to cut and yet keep us safe and secure. Published in CNN Money and Politico and The Hill and PressTV and American Chronicle and Talking Points Memo and Press TV (Tehran) and Salon.com and The Nation and The Hill.

85 Percent? How Do You Figure, Mr. Ryan?
April 5 - After promising his budget proposal would stick closely to the bipartisan deficit reduction commission's recommendations, his actual blueprint looks like a work of ideological posture of his own creation.

A Military Budget on the Wrong Side of History
February 21 - We should support the Egyptian miracle by cutting military aid and shifting it to support what will actually help Egyptians improve their standard of living. Published in Common Dreams and The Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times and The Henrietta (NY) Post.

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