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John Feffer
Foreign Policy In Focus

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Foreign Policy In Focus

John Feffer

John Feffer is co-director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies.

He is the author of several books and numerous articles. He has been a Writing Fellow at Provisions Library in Washington, DC and a PanTech fellow in Korean Studies at Stanford University. He is a former associate editor of World Policy Journal. He has worked as an international affairs representative in Eastern Europe and East Asia for the American Friends Service Committee. He has studied in England and Russia, lived in Poland and Japan, and traveled widely throughout Europe and Asia. He has taught a graduate level course on international conflict at Sungkonghoe University in Seoul in July 2001 and delivered lectures at a variety of academic institutions including New York University, Hofstra, Union College, Cornell University, and Sofia University (Tokyo).

John has been widely interviewed in print and on radio. He serves on the advisory committees of the Alliance of Scholars Concerned about Korea. He is a recipient of the Herbert W. Scoville fellowship and has been a writer in residence at Blue Mountain Center and the Wurlitzer Foundation. 

His website is: www.johnfeffer.com

Recent Work

The Secret History of Yugoslavia
April 5 - How Slobodan Milosevic quietly stoked sectarian bloodshed even as he wrapped himself in the Yugoslavian flag.

Bulgaria's Labor Perpetually in Crisis
April 3 - From the perspectives of trade unions, the reforms in Bulgaria over the last 20 years have been disastrous.

Revisiting the Velvet Divorce
March 13 - Czechoslovakia, though it no longer exists, remains a symbol of courageous resistance and sensible conflict resolution

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