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John Cavanagh
Global Economy

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Global Economy

John Cavanagh

John has a BA from Dartmouth College and a MA from Princeton University. He worked as an international economist for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (1978-1981) and the World Health Organization (1981-1982). He directed IPS's Global Economy Project from 1983-1997. He is the co-author of 10 books and numerous articles on the global economy, including Development Redefined: How the Market Met Its Match (2008, Paradigm Publishers), written with Robin Broad.

Recent Work

A Main Street Jobs Agenda
November 28 - Putting more money in the hands of those who already have jobs so they can buy more Chinese imports does very little to put Americans to work in good jobs that pay good wages. Published in Progressive Charlestown (RI) and The San Antonio Express-News.

How Occupy is Transforming Our National Conversation
November 23 - In just two months, the Occupy movement has begun to unseat an economic narrative that held sway for thirty years.

America Is Not Broke
November 21 - How to pay for the crisis while making the country more equitable, green, and secure. Published in Marc Steiner Show and Democracy Now! and KPFK 90.7 (Pacifica) and Free Speech Radio News and Truthout and KBOO Portland, Oregon and WBAI 99.5 FM-Pacifica and The Salt Lake Tribune and Kansas City InfoZine and Public News Service and The Nation and Democracy for America TV and The Federal Times and Pacific Sun and The Huffington Post.

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