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Janet Redman
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network

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Washington, DC, 20036

Sustainable Energy and Economy Network

Janet Redman

Janet Redman is director of the Climate Policy Program at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC, where she provides analysis of the international financial institutions’ energy investment and carbon finance activities. She appears regularly on radio, TV and in print sharing positive visions for fair and equitable climate action in the United States and overseas. As a founding participant in the global Climate Justice Now! network, Janet is committed to bringing hard-hitting policy analysis into grassroots and grasstops organizing. She is currently working with grassroots coalitions and global campaigns like the Climate Justice Alliance and Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice to develop innovative policies to reinvest in the new economy. Janet serves on the board of directors of the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives.

Before joining IPS, Janet was a visiting faculty member at the College of the Atlantic and directed the Watershed Initiative of the Center for Applied Human Ecology at the College. Her involvement in youth and women’s empowerment through community farming and sustainability has allowed Janet to work with local activists from coastal Maine to Bangladesh.

Janet holds a Master’s Degree from Clark University in International Development and Social Change, where she focused her graduate research on regional trade integration in Latin America and the Caribbean. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Vermont.

Recent Work

Durban Diary: What's on the Table?
November 29 - Many countries -- especially the wealthiest ones -- are dragging their feet.

Durban Diary: UN Summit's Stormy Backdrop
November 29 - Scientists are finding increasing evidence that climate change is behind the recent surge in extreme weather.

A Blizzard of Bad Climate News
November 28 - If you want to get your grandkids something they'll be really thankful for this holiday season, fight to stop climate change. Published in Straight Goods and The Dedham (MA) Transcript.

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