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Emily Norton

Emily Norton is the Office Administrator and Intern Coordinator at the Institute for Policy Studies. She recently completed her undergraduate degree at American University where she studied International Development, Anthropology, and Studio Art. While a student, she served as a founding member of the AU Village Savings and Investment Institute and an activist in the Student Worker Alliance.

As a volunteer for the Center for Domestic Training and Development in Nairobi, Kenya, she learned of the challenges facing domestic workers, trafficking victims, and refugees. Since this experience, her research has centered on issues of militarization in Africa, labor rights, women’s rights, and US Foreign Policy towards Africa. She is currently collaborating with the Labor Network for Sustainability in a project that aims to connect the environmental and labor movements.

Recent Work

Caught Red Handed: Rwanda, Violence in Eastern Congo, and the UN Report
July 5 - IPS' Foreign Policy In Focus, Friends of the Congo, and Africa Faith & Justice Network held a briefing on the M23 uprising, the involvement of the Rwandan government, and ethnic tensions in Eastern DRC.

Don't "Cover the Night": Enlighten Youth Instead
April 20 - The truth may still be overshadowed by the hype of Invisible Children's "Cover the Night" event.

Time for the Cut-Off: A Global Day of Action Against Military Spending
April 14 - More than 130 groups in at least 39 countries will participate in the second annual Global Day of Action against Military Spending, Tuesday, April 17.