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Photo of Ron Carver

Ron Carver Associate Fellow of Global Economy

Silver Spring, MD

Ron Carver

Ron Carver helps coordinate our broad coalition effort to stop North American mining corporations from using investor-state lawsuits to force the government of El Salvador to permit new mines—and threaten its primary water supply.

The day after he graduated high school Carver joined the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, working first in SNCC’s Atlanta Communications Department and later in rural Mississippi.

Supporting the American GI resistance during the Vietnam War; halting the slaughter of dolphins by the tuna industry; fighting the senseless shutdowns of paper mill, cutting tool, microwave oven and auto factories; winning relief and a labor agreement for truck drivers abducted while fighting to form a union in Mumbai—and compensation for Chinese workers beaten for “stepping out of the lunch line;” seeking justice for a colleague assassinated in El Salvador; advocating for farm workers poisoned by green tobacco disease in North Carolina…these are some of the causes Carver has championed, the successful campaigns he has designed and directed.

He founded and directed the Teamsters’ Office of Strategic Campaigns under the union’s first reform president and has served as a special advisor to UAW President Bob King and FLOC President Baldemar Velasquez.

An accomplished photographer, Carver’s work documenting the human faces of these struggles has recently been exhibited in Himeji, Japan, Mexico City, and galleries in the United States.

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