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  • Released November 22, 2010
Global Economy » Report

Civil Society Responses to the Global Financial and Economic Crisis

This white paper outlines organizing, education, and advocacy efforts being undertaken in response to the financial and economic crisis by groups working in coalition in the United States and around the world.

Financial Reform NowDuring the first two years of the economic crisis, civil society groups have used various strategies to push for new policies aimed at preventing future crises and ensuring a more equitable and sustainable economic recovery. This paper provides describes specific collaborative initiatives in five areas:

  • Bank Accountability
  • Financial Speculation Taxes
  • Commodities Speculation
  • International Financial Institutions
  • Building Grassroots Alternatives: The Inter‐Alliance Dialogue

Each of the case studies briefly describes who’s involved, strategies and actions, and key results. The paper does not attempt to provide an exhaustive analysis of global civil society work in response to the crisis. The focus is primarily on U.S. coalitions that view their work in a global context.

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