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Download Obama-Ghana Press Booklet

  • Released July 10, 2009

Media Briefing Booklet: Obama's Trip to Ghana
By Emira Woods

Over the past decade, Africa’s status in U.S. national security policy has risen dramatically, for three main reasons: America’s growing dependence on Africa’s oil exports, Africa’s importance as a major battlefield in America’s “Global War on Terrorism,” and Africa’s central position in the global competition between America and China for economic and political power.

Download Thirsting for Change

  • Released April 27, 2009

Thirsting for Change: Obama’s First 100 Days
By John Feffer and Chester Hartman

It is difficult to evaluate an administration after only 100 days. George W. Bush, who ended his two terms with one of the lowest grades of any U.S. president, received quite positive evaluations after his first three months in office. The Obama team is still bringing people on board and identifying its priorities. Still, the crises facing the United States and the world require immediate and comprehensive action. And, as no less an authority as Aristotle once put it, well begun is half done.


  • Released April 7, 2009

Reversing the Great Tax Shift: Seven Steps to Finance Our Economic Recovery Fairly
By John Cavanagh, Chuck Collins, Alison Goldberg, Sam Pizzigati

To address our nation's economic crisis and maintain our nation's fiscal health, the United States desperately needs new sources of federal revenue. Without additional revenues, we as a nation will either have to shortchange long-overdue investments in infrastructure, health, energy, and economic opportunity or leave an unsustainable debt to generations ahead.


  • Released March 26, 2009

Beyond the AIG Bonuses
By Sarah Anderson, Chuck Collins, Sam Pizzigati

The incredible firestorm over the $165 million bonus payout at failed insurance giant AIG has dramatically revealed the depth of the public anger at private companies that enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. Congressional action to recoup these bonuses through taxes would be a positive step, but merely undoing the AIG bonuses will leave in place tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies for banks and corporations that routinely overcompensate their executives. This report includes a chart that identifies key taxypayer subsidies for executive excess and the various reforms now pending in Congress that speak to these problems.


  • Released March 6, 2009

Snapshots of the Economic Stimulus
By Robert Alvarez

This report provides an overview of the recently enacted American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — also called the “Economic Stimulus Package.” Its primary objective is to provide federal funds and tax breaks so as to stimulate spending and foster economic growth during this time of deepening recession.

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