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Download Platinum-Plated Pensions

  • Released November 19, 2013

Platinum-Plated Pensions
By Sarah Anderson and Scott Klinger

In the current budget debate, the loudest calls for Social Security cuts are coming from two lobby groups led by CEOs who will never have to worry about their own retirement security.

Executive Excess 2013: Bailed Out, Booted, and Busted
By Sarah Anderson, Scott Klinger, Sam Pizzigati

This 20th anniversary Executive Excess report examines the "performance" of the 241 corporate chief executives who have ranked among America’s 25 highest-paid CEOs in one or more of the past 20 years.

Report: Reducing the Hazards of High-Level Radioactive Waste in Southern California
By Robert Alvarez

A new IPS report addresses the potential risks of spent nuclear fuel storage at the San Onofre Nuclear Station (SONGS), which has generated nearly three times more long‐lived radioactivity than is stored in some 177 defense high‐level radioactive tanks at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hanford site in Washington.

New Policy Statement: A New Direction for U.S. Policy on Africa
By Emira Woods

An open statement by the Africa Advocacy Network is critical of the Obama Administration’s policy toward Africa and calls for a new approach to trade and investment, militarization, agriculture and land policy, and more in the region.

New Report: Corporate Pirates of the Caribbean
By Sarah Anderson, Scott Klinger, Javier Rojo

A new Institute for Policy Studies report reveals the massive tax windfalls that members of the dubious, CEO-backed “Fix the Debt” campaign stand to gain from their proposed solutions to the nation’s fiscal challenges.

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