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A Main Street Fix to Wall Street's Failure
By John Cavanagh and David Korten

Building a policy agenda to deepen the jobs debate, our new report looks at the structural issues behind the economic crisis and how we can transition to a new economy based on Wall Street. 

Mining for Profits in International Tribunals
By Sarah Anderson, J. Alejandro Artiga-Purcell, Rebecca Dreyfus, Manuel Perez-Rocha

In the context of high global prices for natural resources, developing country governments seeking to increase the benefits of those resources for their own people are finding themselves increasingly at odds with transnational corporations.

Download America Is Not Broke

  • Released November 21, 2011

America Is Not Broke
By Sarah Anderson and John Cavanagh

This report challenges the premise that America is broke. In fact, we argue that the current fiscal challenge poses an opportunity to harness our ample but misdirected resources in ways that will make the country stronger.

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  • Released October 4, 2011

America Loses: Corporations That Take "Tax Holidays" Slash Jobs
By Sarah Anderson, John Cavanagh, Chuck Collins, Scott Klinger, Sam Pizzigati

Some of America's most flush corporations are demanding a  tax holiday on their profits sitting offshore. But the last holiday produced a nasty hangover.

Capital Controls and the Trans-Pacific Partnership
By Sarah Anderson

U.S. negotiators are hardliners against capital controls in current Trans-Pacific trade talks with eight other countries.  Their position is more rigid than the International Monetary Fund and previous U.S. regimes, including the Reagan administration. This briefing paper concludes with recommendations for reforming U.S. trade and investment agreements to allow governments to use this proven tool for preventing and mitigating financial crisis.

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