Peace Economy Transitions


We are finally winding down the longest period of war in our history. This is the best moment since the end of the Cold War to reverse the military buildup of the post-9/11 years and redirect our resources toward investments in our people.

IPS’ Peace Economy Transitions project focuses on the ways and means of securing this historic opportunity. The task has two main parts: 1) Shifting the balance of federal budget priorities from excessive military spending toward civilian investment. 2) Facilitating the transition of defense-dependent communities, workers and businesses to alternative sources of economic activity and jobs.

This fact sheet lays out the components of this strategy: A Comprehensive Strategy for Defense Transition Assistance.


Burning Issues: Is Our Military Big Enough?

IPS defense expert Miriam Pemberton explains that the United States military remains the most powerful on earth by far in this segment of Campaign for America's Future “Burning Issues” video series.

To unleash the harms, rein in the watchdogs

We’re now getting another taste of what the ongoing assault on the federal government’s watchdog function is doing to all of us.
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