New Economy Maryland


New Economy Maryland seeks to help build an economy that better serves ALL our people and protects our planet.

We celebrate a wide range of creative solutions to advance the much needed New Economy.

Our approach, that promotes informed ideas moving into effective action across silos, will be essential to the success of this growing movement.  We are pleased that there is now a significant moment of opportunity to advance a bold vision of a New Economy in Maryland.

We are strengthened by the intellectual and activist resources of the Institute for Policy Studies and the New Economy Working Group.

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New Economy Maryland Fellowship Program

In 2015, we launched an exciting project – the first ever New Economy Maryland Fellows.

This professional development fellowship builds power to create change in the great state of Maryland and beyond by training participants in two sets of skills:

  • Mastering a compelling conceptual framework for transforming Maryland into a more equitable, environmentally sustainable, and democratic state.
  • Honing public scholarship skills by learning how to write for a broad general audience in the op-ed and blog formats.

Learn more and meet our 2016 Fellows.


There is a story to be told about how the New Economy is taking shape in communities all over the globe.  Luckily it is not just a story about what should happen, but about the inspiring work already underway.  The items below attempt to tell part of that story. Please feel free to share with us your thoughts, ideas and hopes regarding the New Economy Movement.

Gus Speth, an active leader of the New Economy Working Group, lays out a clear vision of America the Possible in this short video.


While the European Union’s new banker pay standards may be imperfect, they do represent tougher regulations that the U.S. can learn from.
The London Whale-Sized Loopholes in Wall Street Pay Reform



A millionaire’s attempt to explain why he’s better than you falls flat.
You Just Got ‘Richsplained’



Addressing inequality head-on will put our nation’s wealth back where it belongs — with all of us.
The Scourge of Siphon-Up Economics



Our colleague Miriam Pemberton reminds us that occasionally we can win even on the Hill.
Rare Progressive Victory Will Help Build a Peace Economy



The Coordinator of the New Economy Working Group, Noel Ortega, helps us understand the brilliance and limitations of the surprisingly popular Piketty book.
What Piketty Forgot



Dealing with Student Debt will be essential to building our New Economy. IPS report getting substantial attention.
Student Debt Report Captures National Attention



Share this info-graphic to help get the word out.
Infographic: “One Percent” State Universities



How Dr. King would view this day and the need to move beyond GDP.
Reflecting on Dr. King’s Legacy



IPS Director, John Cavanagh and Robin Broad lay out the larger frame for our New Economy work.
It’s the New Economy, Stupid


Black Youth and Elusive Freedom

As I weep over the death of America’s black men, I remember my brother’s struggle for his freedom against unnecessary police searches.

The Black History of the New Economy

Black community organizing is at the root of the people and planet first agenda, just take a look at the Vision for Black Lives.

A Soiled Picture of Art and Labor

The deeply unequal art world’s current economic model simply isn’t working, as the story of one public art effort demonstrates quite clearly.
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