Drug Policy


The Drug Policy Project combines scholarship with activism to transform drug control policy both at home and abroad. The Project works with the grassroots, media, and policy makers to shift away from the drug “war” paradigm and its disastrous impacts on the environment toward holistic policies that address public health and safety.


Uruguay’s Legalization of Marijuana

CCTV interviews Sanho Tree, drug policy expert, on Uruguay's "historic and counterintuitive" decision to be the first country in the world to legalize the production and sale of marijuana.

What Not to Do on Camera

Romney's words may have left us with the impression of a debate win, but he failed to restrain his signature off-putting smirks.

What Drives U.S. Policy in Central America?

On Al-Jazeera's Inside Story roundtable discussion, IPSer Sanho Tree discusses how the U.S. State Department gets to play judge, jury, and executioner in Honduras.
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