Climate Policy Program


The aim of the Climate Policy Program is to support the transition from a financially extractive, fossil fueled economy to equitable, democratic and local living economies.  Because we understand climate disruption as a consequence of our broken economic system, we look for root causes, and promote solutions at the intersection, of both the economic and climate crises. We organize our work around the premise that to solve the climate crisis, we must confront systemic economic, social and racial inequality – at home in the U.S. and globally.

We provide long-term vision and bold ideas in domestic and international policy spaces, using research, writing and strategic conversations to redefine what is politically possible. We seek to nurture deep relationships with grassroots organizations and networks and to align our efforts with the goals of social, economics and environmental justice movements.

We have three strategic areas of focus:

  • Building policy platforms for the just transition
    Transition is inevitable, justice is not. We work with grassroots groups and movement leaders to envision and define pathways of a ‘just’ transition to a new economy, and provide research and proposals to break down policy barriers and uplift solutions that reduce inequality while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and promoting community resilience. By sharing stories and models of success, we aim shift the culture of the climate movement beyond ‘carbon fundamentalism’ to one that embodies systemic change through concrete alternatives.

  • Defining the right role for public finance
    We need public investment to build the world we want. The climate policy program works to develop policies/tools that help rein in the casino economy and redirect financing to rebuild public infrastructure, support local economies, and grow collective prosperity. We advocate for innovative sources of public finance, good governance of public funds, and private investment that complements a people and planet first economic agenda.

  • Promoting institutions that protect people and the planet
    Clean energy, climate resilient societies need institutions that protect the public interest. We support the creation and democratic governance of fair and effective public institutions from the local to the international level through research, policy analysis, campaigning and advocacy. We keep a critical eye on the projects, programs and policies of institutions like the World Bank, the Green Climate Fund, and the United Nations and intervene to help ensure they safeguard human rights and protect ecological integrity.


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