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August 19 End U.S. Military and NATO aggression in Libya, says Coalition
Major national organizations call for ceasefire in Libya, de-funding of U.S. military and intelligence operations. They call for an internationally-led ceasefire and negotiations between the warring parties, generous humanitarian assistance, and a strict arms embargo.

August 02 Increasing taxes on America's rich and corporations would end our debt and deficit problems, says IPS analyst
Expert available: Sam Pizzigati, an authority on efforts to levy significant taxes on America’s most wealthy and powerful.

July 30 PRESS STATEMENT: IPS Fellow Karen Dolan on "Uncompromising" Republicans in Congress
“Why do these uncompromising Republicans want to impose life-threatening austerity on 98% of us?” asks Dolan

July 25 Korean Americans and Allies to Participate in "From War to Peace in East Asia," Events on Korean War
On July 27, 2011 scholars from the Institute for Policy Studies, South Korea, and the Washington Peace Center will hold a special discussion on the status of the Korean War Armistice and why a peace treaty to end the Korean War matters today in the context of the current military issues facing East Asia and the overall need for peacebuilding in this region.

July 21 July 26 Marks the 58th Anniversary of the Onset of the Cuban Revolution
The film by Institute for Policy Studies Senior Fellow Saul Landau, “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up,” featuring Landau, Danny Glover and Fidel Castro (at age 84), shows how the U.S.-backed violence against Cuba has continued for decades and our government’s unusual obsession with Fidel Castro has led to the unjust conviction of the Cuban 5.

July 14 "How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule," New Report, Proposes a Way Out of Economic Recession
As Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke discusses preventing inflation, a new report being released next week calls for restructure of the Fed, bank localization, and more.

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