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January 05 Expert Available: Miriam Pemberton calls President Obama's proposed military strategy "timid in the extreme," saying proposed changes are "inadequate"
"The President followed his bold action in defying Congress to get his consumer protection bureau going by announcing a new military strategy that is timid in the extreme," said Pemberton.

December 13 Protest outside World Bank tribunal: Civil society leaders denounce mining corporation lawsuit against El Salvador over rights to gold
On Thursday, Institute for Policy Studies Director John Cavanagh will join labor unions, local Salvadorans, and others to call for justice for El Salvador and fair U.S. trade policy at a rally in front of the World Bank building.

December 07 Health Care Workers Demand That Congress Generate Jobs, Not Health Care Cuts, in 'Take Back the Capitol' Week
Underemployed workers, jobless people, health care workers, and protesters marched to K Street, where they confronted corporate CEOs and lobbyists for some of the country’s largest companies, which have avoided paying their fair share of taxes for years.

December 06 Key Countries, Organizations Call For Innovative Sources of Finance
At a press conference in Durban, South Africa, officials from a diverse set of countries will join civil society leaders to call for innovative sources of finance, including a tax on financial transactions and a fee on emissions from maritime shipping, to be part of a deal in Durban which raises billions of dollars to help fill the Green Climate Fund.

December 01 Developed nations, led by the United States, the UK, and Japan, try to turn Green Climate Fund into "Greedy Corporate Fund"
Janet Redman, IPS, joins 163 civil society organizations from 39 countries in denouncing a proposed scheme to give corporations direct access to UN Global Climate Fund financing.

November 23 Background Briefing on Upcoming UN Climate Summit in Durban, South Africa to be led by Janet Redman
“Solving the climate crisis is the most urgent challenge of our time,” said Redman. “Our economy, our jobs, our health and our security depend on climate stability. But over the past year the United States has been undermining the continuation of the world’s only global treaty to curb greenhouse gas pollution, and has blocked critical progress on a Green Climate Fund and long-term financial support for poor countries most impacts by global warming. The Obama administration must use the Durban talks to clean up its act. Our future depends upon it.”

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