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February 08 Senate Budget Committee Hearing with Sarah Anderson: Assessing Inequality, Mobility, and Opportunity
Sarah Anderson, Institute for Policy Studies, will address the United States Senate Committee on the Budget on Thursday.

February 07 Congressional Briefing: Okinawa Marine Bases and U.S. Military Spending
Can we close the Futenma U.S. Marine Base in Japan Without Constructing Additional Marine Bases in Okinawa?

February 06 Split This Rock Poetry Festival: Poems of Provocation & Witness Brings Poetry of the 99% to Nation's Capital
Festival to be held March 22-25, 2012. Featured poets include: Alice Walker, the internationally-known author of The Color Purple; Homero Aridjis, the acclaimed Latin American poet and activist; Black Arts Movement leader Sonia Sanchez; spoken word super star Carlos Andrés Gómez; and many more.

January 26 Expert Available: Leon Panetta's military budget only reflects "cuts to the Pentagon's previous plans for expansion," says military spending expert Miriam Pemberton
Expert Miriam Pemberton reacts to Leon Panetta's military budget: "[T]hese are only-in-Washington cuts, i.e. not cuts as you or I would define them. To most of us, cutting the budget would mean spending less in the future than in the past. These are, instead, cuts to the Pentagon’s previous plans for expansion."

January 20 Okinawan Delegation Visits DC for Base Closure
A delegation of politicians, lawyers, activists and students from Okinawa, Japan, will travel to Washington, DC, from January 21 to January 27 to advocate for the closure of Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Futenma.

January 06 Crude Tragedy: Price hikes for gasoline add fuel to a volatile situation in Nigeria
Activists plan to hold a demonstration in solidarity with Occupy Nigeria, the Nigerian “We The People” coalition and Nigeria’s organized labor sector, who have called for a general strike to protest the soaring price hikes for oil on Monday, January 9.

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