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June 02 World Bank Tribunal Ruling in El Salvador Mining Case Undermines Democracy
IPS Director John Cavanagh will participate in a protest outside the Vancouver headquarters of Pacific Rim today.

May 23 Response: Fox News' Bill O'Reilly Thrusts the Institute for Policy Studies into the Spin Zone
Director of IPS is “grateful” for opportunity to showcase “proud history of public scholarship”

May 16 Expert Available: Robert Alvarez offers line-by-line analysis of nuclear provisions in defense bill
Robert Alvarez offers a detailed analysis of the actios and impacts of sections relating to nuclear weapons in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013.

May 09 Japanese Parliamentarian Kuniko Tanioka briefs press and NGOs on Fukushima nuclear station, worsening situation, and what has gone underreported from Japan
Japanese Parliamentarian Ms. Kuniko Tanioka is one of the few Japanese politicians willing to speak out publicly and critically on the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns and her government’s response to it. She is joined by Robert Alvarez, IPS senior scholar, in a briefing on Fukushima to occur May 10.

April 26 Expert Available: Emira Woods comments on Charles Taylor, former head of state of Liberia found guilty of war crimes
Emira Woods, public scholar on Africa, foreign policy, originally from Liberia, available for comment or interview.

April 16 As Buffett Rule Comes Before Congress this Tax Day, One Percenters Will Ask Congress to Redistribute the "Pie"
Demonstrations by young “one percenters” in almost ten cities will include lessons in how to fairly cut pumpkin, pecan, and apple pies.

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