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September 24 IPS Report Reveals Shocking Mismanagement of a Dangerous Nuclear Bomb Material, Uranium-233
Bomb-grade uranium has been kept under questionable conditions, and over 200 pounds of it may be missing. Now, the U.S. government wants to waive safety requirements and bury the material straight into the ground.

August 22 "The Education of a White Parent" Author to Speak at Busboys and Poets
At the event on Monday, August 27, author Susan Naimark will discuss her new book, The Education of a White Parent: Wrestling with Race and Opportunity in the Boston Public Schools. The book takes the complex subject of white privilege and translates it into everyday stories that demonstrate how it hinders the development of all children, even kids who receive the benefits.

August 16 How Our Tax Dollars Subsidize Exorbitant CEO and Executive Pay
“Our report details how taxpayers are in effect rewarding corporate executives for gaming the tax system,” says co-author Scott Klinger. “The tax code has become a prime enabler of bloated CEO pay.”

August 01 World Bank played a role in India's flawed energy infrastructure, says expert Daphne Wysham
Expert Available: Daphne Wysham on India’s power outage

July 18 Industry-backed study on defense and jobs still flawed, say experts
Experts skeptical about aerospace industry study on military spending and jobs. "Defense contractors are notoriously bad jobs creators," said IPS Research Fellow Miriam Pemberton.

July 11 Resilience Circles help communities recover from extreme weather, disasters, and outages
With many Americans only recently recovered from extreme weather, transportation challenges, and power and communications outages, some explore ways to strengthen local circles of support.

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