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December 06 First Step to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff: Close Offshore Tax Loopholes
Offshore tax dodging costs United States $150 billion annually -- groups illustrate impact with 16 dramatic ways lost revenue could be used.

December 05 New IPS Proposal Would Scrap Most of the Deficit
Without trimming the safety net, an Institute for Policy Studies framework would shrink the federal budget deficit by $881 billion per year while making the United States more equitable, green, and secure.

November 28 DC-Area Event with Maryland Senator Paul Pinsky Gives Audience a Chance to Engage with Author on the History of the Struggle for Equality
New Book: "The Rich Don't Always Win: The Forgotten Triumph over Plutocracy that Created the American Middle Class"

November 27 New Report: CEOs Pushing Social Security Cuts are Sitting on Massive Retirement Funds While Underfunding Worker Pensions
A new report by IPS shows that “Fix the Debt” CEOs hold an average of $9 million each to put toward retirement, but are running deficits in pension funds for their own employees.

November 21 Fact Sheet: $440 billion Can be Trimmed from Military Budget Over a 10-year Period Without Compromising National Security
"We can make cuts to the military budget without compromising our national security. The Unified Security Budget shows how to cut Pentagon spending to the levels required by sequestration, but still invest in programs that strengthen national security." - Miriam Pemberton, Institute for Policy Studies

November 20 "Obama re-election is a vote for bold action at the UN climate summit," says expert Janet Redman, attending UN Climate Summit
Janet Redman, Co-Director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network, will be at the UN Climate Summit in Doha, Qatar, providing live updates from the conference and advocating for innovatice sources of finance – such as a “Robin Hood” tax on financial transactions – to fill the Green Climate Fund.

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